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Cockroach: Cockroach is common insect in our life. There has nobody who don’t know cockroach.  There has many species in the world more than 4000. There are common species is American German, brown bonded, Asian, Oriental , China cockroach and more species. Cockroach live to like dark and humidity area they most like dirty area. Cockroach spread much disease like asthma, allergic, diarrhea, cholera and more disease. Cockroach can live seven days without head and can survive 40 minutes without breath and they can live one month without food but they cannot stay three days without water. Some cockroach can live -30 degree temperature. Cockroach has six leg and two antenna. They can see in night and there antenna has high power. Cockroach cans production huge they can lay egg more than 300-400 at a time. Their baby will adult within 40 days. They can run 3 miles per hour. Cockroach is most old insect in the world.


Their habit: cockroach habit is very bad for human being. They move on the food and much area. They toilet your used area and they eat your food and they also bite your skin. Cockroach also very likes alcohol.

Control process of cockroach: if you think you are disturbed by cockroach apply the cockroach gel we recommended you ROCA gel. Or you can use boric acid, or detergent powder. Cockroach control is main factor not instant kill. If you control normal chemical it’s good for you if you think you kill high power chemical it’s harmful for you and your family. If you think you control by a pest control company we are ready to serve you by Eco friendly chemical any days any time. We are a leading pest control company in Bangladesh. pestokil Bangladesh is now offer their client a 4th generation machine and chemical which is your requirement. 

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