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The cockroach is the common pest in the house although cockroach is a common pest but spreads a huge disease. Pestokil control it by Eco-friendly we use cockroach gel and spray which is survive fipronil 0.05 and lambda-cyhalothrin and use glue trap”

  1. Who are the best cockroach controller in Dhaka?

Thank you very much for search a cockroach Control Company in the Capital city in our country. Pestokil BD is the cockroach eliminator company in our capital city in Bangladesh. Many pest control company has they control cockroach by normal pesticide but Pestokil Bangladesh uses batter chemical and pesticide which has MSDS.

  1. Which company gives always better cockroach service?

Pestokil Bangladesh gives you always and better cockroach pest control service in the capital city and all              over the country. Pestokil Bangladesh ruin cockroach by Cockroach gel and cockroach spray                  which is odorless and MSDS chemical.

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