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Termisol is a termite eliminator in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Pestokil is only on in Bangladesh have their own formulation and research product for termite control service. Termite eliminator can eliminate termite within 15 days with kill termite queen and colony member. Termite controller has no bad smell and sound Termisol is 100% odorless termite device. Pestokil Bangladesh proudly announced Termisol. Termisol has Fipronil and imidacloprid which is most effective for killing of termite and success result is 100% guaranteed.if anybody suffering by termite please don’t wait take a better termite service for save your property. Termite can ruin your property within some days you cannot understand it. if you want to know more details for termite we termite specialist give you cost free consultation. we did not drill or hole at your property we just set it and kill all termite.Just call pestokil Bangladesh and get termite control service bd.