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Steam is different than others because steam always Eco-friendly for human it’s chemical free and kill all with egg. Steam is the most update technology for bedbug remove from your house. If you suffering by bedbug don’t worry Pestokil Bangladesh give you cure service of bedbug. We offer you steam treatment for bedbug eliminate. Pestokil Bangladesh has a bedbug expert team who are known to how cure bedbug. Our expertise give you steam service which is odorless and no bad smell. If you take chemical treatment it’s not 100% effective because bedbug hide your dress, laptop, computer , furniture and others secrete area where anybody can not spray. Bedbug egg never damage by pesticide it will be birth after 18 days. Bedbug can growth 3 times with her body only within .02 seconds  if he can take blood one time. A adult bedbug lays 300-400 egg at a time. So it will be spread quickly your bed. If you think you need bedbug control don’t late please call us immediately.

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