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And you suffering by termite problem and you take many service from many company local or multinational but you are not satisfy because they cannot cure termite properly because they give you drill solution and spray. But it’s not properly solution because nobody cannot know where the termite is hiding. They live very secrete  area like wall brick, under the soil, inside of the wood . So you cannot  find and cannot apply chemical properly. And termite eat and ruin your valuable structure within some days. But pestokil Bangladesh give our client proper solution for termite affected area. Pestokil Bangladesh applies termite bait. We know the food and attractant of termite. Pestokil Bangladesh offer their client drill free and no spray solution which is no others can imagine. We also offer you hesitation free solution like no smell no need electricity and chemical which you like and want. Termisol termite bait making by special design which is good looking and disturb free termite free solution. Our expert team visits your site and gives you idea of cure for termite. Pestokil Bangladesh has the high performance of termite control solution. Think that termite is very dangerous insect they ruin your dream.