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Rat/Mice: Rat is generally known every person. Rats head, tail is long size. There are many rat in the world as black rat, brown rat, white rat and much. House rat and forest rat has difference house rat is small size their tail is long and gray color but forest rat tail is short and color is black size is big a forest rat size more than one feet. But house rat size more than eight inch. Forest rat hair is normal but house rat hair is tinny. Rat has bad behave they destroy food more than 18 times. Rat teeth will be tall more than 18 inch for this reason they cut always. Rat gives birth per year 13 times and one tine birth more than 8 babies. They feed milk their baby. Rat born much disease like hanta virus, plague, allergies and more disease. You can identify rat infestation in your house normally. If they moved your house you can know by their sound and their toilet and their brown color their running path.

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Controlling of Rat:  There are many process control of the rat. You get many trap in the market or poison in the city. Poison is very dangerous it can be destroy your pet animals so we suggest you do not use poison. You may use rat trap for catching rat its very help full. If you are fail to control rat you may call a pest control services company. They help you control of the rat.

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