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Suppose you suffering by Rat/Mice don’t worry pestokil Bangladesh give you better solution for rat /mice service. We have a high experience team who know how control the rat/mice. Our experts give you ultra modern solution for rat/mice eliminate. Many company has rat solution by medicine and top but it’s not good and well solution we give our customer poison free solution for rat/mice control service which has no hassle. Rat is mainly live outdoor area and they damage huge. Rat size is big size their body color is black. Mice size is small size and their color is gray. Mice live indoor area they move your room normally. Rat/mice spread many disease like hanta virus. Rat also spread plague disease in past medical specialists idea. If you suffering by rat/mice don’t let eliminate it or you will be dangerous. Pestokil Bangladesh proposed you for better service which is you demand. We give you best rat control service you.

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