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Somebody worried unexpected pest in their organization. Pestokil Bangladesh come for solve this worried. Pest control is a critical and sensitive subject. We know pest kill is pest control but it’s not right. If you think and want to control pest your esteem organization you must confirm qualified products or it has many risk of your health and your family member. If you take decision to take pest control service you should confirm some matter like pest control technician, chemical, environment, cultural environment and others safety issue. Always you think your families health is your liability. So you must confirm your family health and environment. Pestokil Bangladesh always give you good and well pest control service you want. Pestokil Bangladesh is a pest control service organization who give you quality and credential pest control service in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh. First time in Bangladesh we serve you pest control service by our owned quality products cockroach control gel, termite bait for termite eliminate service,  ant control service gel, rat control service trap and many pest control item. Cockroach control service gel is Roca gel. Roca gel is a fipronil base cockroach killer it has 0.05% fipronil which is not harmful for human being. Roca gel is 100% odorless and prepared by food grade high quality chemical. We give you best cockroach control service in Bangladesh. Our termite eliminate service is very popular and healthy process and Eco-friendly. Our termite control product is termisol. Termisol is a popular termite bait and very effective for termite control. Termisol prepared by organic and odorless no need electricity and extra chemical. First time in Bangladesh Pestokil proudly announced termisol. Its Japan technology and most effective. No need drill and spray your property for termite eliminate. Termisol kill termite with queen and colony. Pestokil Bangladesh always apply for pest-control-service qualified chemical and products. We have rodent control service which is very simple and effective and poison free solution. Pestokilo Bangladesh proposed you for rodent service bd. Pestokil also give you rat protect service for unexpected damage. We provide you modern technologies service in your esteem organization. Our rodent expert team know how find out their nest and how control rat. We did not use rat top of inside of your organization. We commitment you always give best rodent service. Our ant killer gel is most effective and odorless which has no another company in Bangladesh. Pestokil Bangladesh has ant killer chemical and it’s 100% effective. Pestokil Bangladesh proposed for ant control service. Our mosquito control service is very cheap comparatively others company in Bangladesh. Our entrap is a USA technology for kill and cure mosquito. Mosquito basically take blood for growth their generation not at a food. They get signal from 450 feet away. So they come from outside and inside if you set our entrap its kill and cure mosquito no need any food just keep your house indoor or outdoor. Entrap is a hassle free mosquito control trap which price is very low and most effective. Entrap has a powerful vacuum fan, uv light and mosquito attractant which control mosquito three way. We eliminate your mosquito problem within three days guaranteed. We also rent our Entrap many social and cultural ceremony.

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