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At present era man cannot live peacefully many insect disturb us. Within their fly insect is dangerous from others. Nowadays mosquito is the most dangerous for human being and animals. Today’s most of disease birth from mosquito like dengue fever, malaria, chikungunia and many disease. They did not spread disease they also disturb for human being. Many company has mosquito control service. They control mosquito by fogging and spray. But it’s not proper treatment. It’s old process and result is not good. Pestokil Bangladesh has mosquito control machine name is ENTRAP. Entrap making by ultra modern and digital system. It has a chemical which is attractant. Entrap has high powerfully vacuum fan for kill the mosquito. Entrap attract mosquito from 150 meter. If you suffering by mosquito we will cure it within one to three months. Pestokil Bangladesh kill not only mosquito we cure larva and egg. So if you think you need mosquito control please call us we give you free conceal for mosquito control.

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