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Lizard is a reptile class insect. It’s very poisonous. Old tribal use lizards’ death body for their hunt. Lizards death body touch of the of arrow and they throw the arrow in the body of animal. Not only lizards’ body poisonous it’s toilets and urine is very poisonous. If lizards toilet mix your food you will be seek must it’s may be diarrhea or cholera and it will cause of death. Lizard live your bed room and you see them after evening time near of your electric valve and they come here foe take food. Their main food is small insect and they like it very much. If you look lizard in your house don’t late for eliminate because it will be dangerous for your family and you. Pestokil Bangladesh has a ultra modern solution for lizard control service. We give you a free idea for control of lizard. So if you suffering by lizard please call us. We give you extra care service for lizard control.

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