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Termites we can call white ant. It’s a small and white and brown color insect. Termite worker all time collect food for their other members including king and queen. They live inner side of the tunnel. Termites body constructed by 95% water and they cannot come direct sunlight. Ant is main enemy for termite. If ant entire the colony of termite they kill their other members and ruin colony. So termites always alert by ants. Termite take cellulose. Wood, paper enriched high cellulose so they take wood and paper. Termite colony enriched wood and soil. They cultivate food their tunnel and colony and bring this food for queen and king. So if anybody try to feed termite directly it is impossible.

You can eliminate termite by many easy and without costing. Can use hot water for kill termite. Or you can use sprite and detergent for kill the termites. If you think there has queen in your house you must kill queen because queen is the only on give birth egg without queen no spread termites. Can ruin Termite colony you may get peacefully.

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