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Sometimes we face critical facts of cockroach. Cockroach can resistant pesticide easily and they can easily. Cockroach can live many dangerous situation. You will be astonish listen they can live seven days without head. Cockroach can a\live eighteen days without any food but not more three days without water. so you mind it water is the main elements for live cockroach. Cockroach can stay -90 temperature. They live your fridge. They can lay 300-400 egg at a time.Cockroach spread many critical disease like allergic, pneumonia, diarrhea and more. The bite human in midnight and eat skin of the human and food. They toilet on our food and water and it very poisonous.

Man can control cockroach by many process like poison and without poison. If you want to control without poison it’s environmentally process. You can apply detergent for cockroach control it’s effective. You can use salt and hot water and ca\n use neem leaf for eliminate cockroach. Can use cockroach gel and lambda cyhalothrin spray. Be careful use  for pesticide because it’s dangerous. We can use glue board for cockroach control.

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