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Cockroach killing gel by mean control of cockroach. Cockroach gel eliminate cockroach Eco-friendly and it’s hassle free cockroach control solution. We use cockroach gel for cockroach control service bd. Cockroach gel use four time in a year. It’s eliminate cockroach and ant. Cockroach gel has fipronil, hydramihylnon, imidacloprid and boric acid. You may use any kind of gel if you are suffering by cockroach infestation. Cockroach gel has many formula like korean- Baqsol and Zaps. Our gel is fipronil base its raw materials come from Philipine and USA.Indian hit gel is good for cockroach control. Without these Bangladesh market has many cockroach gel you may use it. Roca gel is most cost effective cockroach gel its price only 200/- taka. you can order our online and daraz site. We are alway commit to serve you. just call and get best cockroach control service. We are waiting for you.