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Rat problem solve please call 01779573607

Do you Suffer rat problem? Pestokil give you rat solution only 135 tak. Yes our rat glue board big size is most effective and 100% poison free and odorless. If you think you can operate and control your rat by glue we supply rat glue board only 135 taka per board big...

Best cockroach gel in Bangladesh

Pestokil always sell best quality products like cockroach gel. It’s 100% odorless and 100% effective. Roca gel has 0.05% fipronil active ingredients and all chemicals are Eco-friendly. Price is only 200 tk.

Cockroach gel and Rat Glue board

We have cockroach gel and rat glue board and it sell will very low price and better quality. per cockroach gel tube price is 200 taka and glue board big size 135 taka. For Products please give mail pestokilbd@gmail.com