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Bedbug pest: Bedbug is a very dangerous insect for man. This insect is very  small competitively of man. Their color is deep red and brown. There have twelve leg and two antenna. You can identify them by some red spot your bed sheet, pillow cover, quilt, cot sofa and others bed or seating area. Also you may see it your wall hole and tiles. But their activities is very harmfully for us. This insect size highest 10 ml. Its production power is very high. They  can lay 100-150 egg at a time. They can lay egg after within 21 days and their egg birth baby within 18 days. There baby can take blood after six hours of their birth time. When they take blood they growth their body three times. Bedbugs main food is blood of animal like man, dog, cat and others. They bite in midnight when we deep sleeping.  They bite our lower abdominal skin and hand because our this skin is soft.  Bedbug spread many disease etching, allergic and more disease.



Control of bedbug pest: If you see they are entire your room it is very bad news for you. You may control by yourself. If you see It you can apply high water and steam.  You can use pesticide. Or you spread your quilt, pillow, bed sheet on the roof top for sunrise hit.

How control bedbug Pest?If you cannot control they by these policy you may contact with us we control it by  carely. Pestokil Bangladesh has a expert team who are know how its control. We have ultra modern equipment for bedbug control service.

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