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Bed Bugs Control Service in Bangladesh

What is Bed Bug Infestation?

One in every five households in Bangladesh encounters bed bug issues every year. And the bed bug infestation can Bedbug control services in Bangladesh.

But you can stop the spread if you get help from a pest control service that aims to exterminate all the bed bug infestations in the first go. And fortunately, our Pest Control Dhaka helpers can be your savior for that!

If you are in confusion regarding whether to seek help from professionals or not, you can go through our services listed below. And we will also suggest to you when to call professionals.

What Is Bed Bug Control Services in Bangladesh?

Bed bug control services in Bangladesh combine and implement different methods to get rid of bed bugs. The services mainly implement insecticide spraying, organic treatments, and fumigation to eliminate infestation.

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When to Call Pest Control Dhaka Helpers?

There are times when you can get bed bugs on your own, especially if there is no hidden infestation at your place. But some bed bugs are so good at hiding that the insect removal sprays are not enough to get rid of them.

In such cases, reaching out to professional exterminators is better. Below, we have listed down the signs and factors that will let you know when to call the helpers

Why Choose Pest Control Dhaka Helpers?

Bed bugs generally like to feed on human blood, but they may also gorge on your pet’s blood. They need to drink blood during each molting stage. Their bites itch and can trigger an allergic reaction to many. Small children and bed-ridden patients are their common prey. Bed bugs come out at night and feed on blood, and then they hide for the day.

Bed bugs are tenacious creatures; they can survive up to a year without feeding. Bed bug eggs are not affected by insecticides, so a one-time pest control service cannot get rid of them completely. Even the living colony may not be completely exterminated by using chemicals once.

Bed bugs generally hide around the mattress seams, bed sheets, bed frame, sofa, and crevices on the wall and floor. Bed bugs can also spread to different places as they tend to hide in travel bags, clothes, and other items that humans take out. That is why you can never be guaranteed that your house will not be infested by bed bugs again.

Getting rid of bedbugs is a complex task to accomplish. To have it done perfectly, you should call a bedbug control service in Dhaka City as soon as you see the first bedbug in your house.

Best Bed Bugs Control Service in of Dhaka

We offer our bed bug control service in popular places in Dhaka like Gulshan, Dhanmondi, Banani, Badda, Baridhara, etc. areas. We mainly follow our proven method of bed bug control with our years of experience.

If bed bugs are positively discovered, we’ll propose a treatment plan to get rid of your infestation. Initial intensive service and follow-up service if required will be added to our treatment program.

Our final service visit will be solely to ensure you that the bed bugs have been successfully eradicated from your home, office, or personal property in Dhaka.

Frequently asked questions

Are bed bugs common in Bangladesh?

Yes, bed bugs are common in Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s weather is 1 of the factors that help the bed bugs to thrive here. Also, not utilizing pest control treatments helps the infestation to spread.

Which pest control is best for bed bugs?

Not all pest control can be as effective as you want them to be. You should always go for the one that provides a money-back guarantee, combined methods, and inspection.

What is the standard treatment for bed bugs?

Using chemical treatment methods is considered one of the standard treatments for bed bugs. Usually, they handle the treatments with caution to minimize health hazards.

What are the main causes of bed bugs?

If you have bed bugs in your home, there is a really good chance that you picked them up during a stay away from home. Bed bugs can also be brought into your home through an item that was previously infested and carried into your house. If you live in an apartment, bed bugs can travel from unit to unit, so it is likely that there is an infestation in a room in your building.

Can I get rid of bed bugs myself?

Since bed bugs breed quickly, we do not recommend attempting DIY bed bug control. Bed bugs are very tiny making it difficult for the untrained eye to find all of them. Working with a professional pest control company like Western Exterminator is the easiest and best way to get rid of bed bugs. Our Technicians are trained in finding and eliminating bed bugs at all life stages.

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