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Subtrenan Termite. Termite is a small insect they take cellulose. Termites body constructed many elements but their body constructed 95% water. They cannot live light area. Termite is blind they cannot see they move by their antenna and scent. They can communicate three systems like massage, vibration and scent. They feed cellulose their queen and king and others members. Termite is a success animal they are live friendly and they obey their duty properly and they did not quarrel. There has four kind of termites in their colony worker, soldier, queen and king. Queen al time give production take food and birth baby. Queen live long time and she give egg minimum 10000 per day and she live more than 50 years. Termite queen is the all in all and all are work for queen.  Queen lives her colony and very safety she live very luxuries life.

Worker: Termite workers are the main of termite colony. All are depend on the worker. Worker all time work for their colony. They always find food and make colony, tunnel and nest of the queen and king. Termite worker collect cellulose and fungus for queen and king. Termite queen take cellulose for production and take fungus for digestive. Termite queen always take rest and lays egg. Worker live 1-1.2 years.  Worker will be king and queen.

Soldier:  Soldier protects queen, king, egg and colony from their enemies. Soldiers has protect knife they protect their queen and king by their knife. They always alert from their enemies and they fight with enemies. They also many healthy and energetic they also know many technique.

King: Termite queen colony has a king. Termite king create by birth. They met the queen and they did not work any work. Termite king is medium size and their different from others. Termite king also take cellulose and fungus.

Queen: Termite queen is a high performance insect. Their size is so big by the others termite colony. Only termite queen is big and size may be 3- 4 inch. They all time take food and met the king and lays egg.  Termite queen is the main of the colony.

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